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Jon & Molly Jo

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The pictures are absolutely amazing! Thank you both for everything... You two are the best! Can't wait to see the rest! to the Dominican ... if it is still there! Thanks again!

Jon and Molly Jo

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL wedding! What an awesome couple! "Meant to be and made to last!" We wish you happiness always!

Love, Kirk & Peg

Hi Jon and Molly, Your wedding was FUN and beautiful!! We had such a good time!!The island was a PERFECT place for your wedding. We love you both!

Deb and Rich

Hi Jon & Molly, The pictures are great! What a great day! Thanks for letting us be a part of it! You are a great couple and our prayer for you is that your love grows even more each day that God gives you together! We love you! BIG HUG!

Tom & Cindy

What a beautiful wedding! We hope it was all you both ever thought it would be! You make a beautiful/handsome? couple!!! We love you! Have a safe and wonderful trip!

Love, Mom and Mike

You two look so happy in these photos. I am so glad that had a wonderful day to start a wonderful life together. So handsome together!

Donna D

Molly and Jon, Thanks for sending me the pictures. They are so great. Molly, you looked beautiful and Jon, you clean up pretty well yourself! I'm so sad that I couldn't be there, but really enjoyed the pictures. You all looked so happy, I wish you many more years of happiness.


The pictures are beautiful! We were so happy to be there for your special day!!

Josh & Tasha

Thank you so much for letting me be in your wedding. You both look great. Y'all come to Birmingham whenever you'd like, and bring Bruiser with you. I love you.

Mia Karle

The pics are so lovely I wanted to cry (very moving). You all look great as well. We are so blessed to have you all in our lives.

Lori & Allen

You two look perfect together! Great pics. Thanks for sharing them with us. We wish you a wonderful marriage even more beautiful than your wedding day.

Drew and Bri

Jon and Molly, You two make a beautiful couple. Best wishes always!

Love, Deborah

Jon, you've really grown into a fine looking young man.... and you have a beautiful wife. We didn't know about the wedding, until I got this e-mail.... I'm sure it was lovely. all our love and may God bless and keep you both.

Jerry and Marilyn

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